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We take care of your Bookkeeping and help evaluate the software your business requires.

Bas Statements

We provide advice on your business structure to save you money, time and energy.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements allow us to analyse what is and isn't working and what adjustments are needed.

Tax Planning Advice

We evaluate your trading activities annually to prepare you for the tax season.

Training & Support

We provide Training and Support throughout a number of our services.

Personal Tax

Our main objective is to prepare you for tax time so that you don't face any surprises.

ABOUT inTouch Accounting

Our Director, Tammy Moore, has been involved in the accounting industry for over 15 years. She has enjoyed working with a wide range of clients and businesses across a variety of industries and looks forward to continuing doing so. We enjoy building long time relationships with clients and working with you to come up with ‘creative solutions’ for your accounting and tax issues which are suitable to your individual circumstances.  

We are registered tax agents and hold a public practicing certificates with CPA Australia.  We also hold a number of other professional partner registrations with other professional associations and software companies so that we are able to support you.

Why Choose Us

We have a passion for assisting businesses reach their goals and achieve success. To us you are not just a number and you will always be speaking to your accountant. 

With the pace of today’s business world, it is important to keep up to date. To support your business in areas outside our specialty of tax and accounting, we have a range of professional partners we work with who are able to provide you with the right advice when needed.